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Maleic acid amlodipine dispersible tablets

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  Company's recent launch of maleic acid amlodipine dispersible tablets, approval number for H20080295, approved by the department of national exclusive varieties of national health insurance.

  Maleic acid amlodipine is the third generation of double hydrogen pyridine class calcium antagonists, cardiac and smooth muscle cells could be blocked by calcium ions across the membrane into the cell through cell membrane calcium ion channels, has the strong peripheral vascular and coronary artery expansion. And before the second generation double hydrogen pyridine class calcium antagonists: nifedipine group, compared to the horizon, this product has higher selectivity, and less side effects and the characteristics of the antihypertensive effect of gentle and persistent. The drug also has a protective effect, can improve the coronary artery blood supply, improve insulin resistance, hypertension has mild antiplatelet effect, and does not increase the rhythm of the heart, reflective have gentle and persistent antihypertensive effect, is a line which is currently available for clinical use of blood pressure medication.

  According to article reports, amlodipine in step-down at the same time, also can reduce the blood and urine beta 2 microglobulin (beta 2 - MG) and urinary albumin (propagated), improve renal function. The reason for this is that maleic acid amlodipine can dilate renal arterioles, can effectively reduce the glomerular capillary pressure, reducing kidney filtration, high perfusion and the renal protective effects and its main pharmacological characteristics of removed by the liver, making it very suitable for the hypertensive patients with damage to kidney.


  Drug name 】 【

  Common name: maleic acid amlodipine dispersible tablets

  English name: Amlodipine Maleate Dispersible Tablets

  Chinese pinyin: Malaisuan Anludiping Fensanpian

  【 composition 】

  The main ingredients of maleic acid amlodipine.

  Chemical name: 3 - ethyl - 5 - methyl - 2 - amino ethyl methyl oxygen (2 -) 4 - (2 - chlorobenzene) - 1, 4 - dihydro - 6 - methyl - 3, 5 - pyridine dicarboxylic acid ester maleic acid salt.

  【 description 】

  This product is white or kind of white.

  【 indications 】

  1, high blood pressure. Can be used independently of this product share can also be used with other antihypertensive drug treatment.

  2, chronic stable angina and variant angina. Can be used independently of this product share can also be used with other anti angina drug treatment.

  【 specification 】

  According to amlodipine 5 mg (meter)

  【 usage and dosage 】

  1, the treatment of hypertension:

  Initial dose is 1 piece (5 mg), once per day, the maximum dose of 2 piece (10 mg), once a day. Weak or elderly patients, with initial dose for patients with hepatic insufficiency is half piece (2.5 mg), once per day, the dose can be used for the original other antihypertensive medication dosage should be treated with this product.

  According to patients adjust the dose of individual reaction: general dose adjustment should be performed in 7 to 14 days. Clinical needs, such as in the case of closely monitoring on the patients, but began dose adjustment in a short period of time.

  2, treatment of angina pectoris:

  Initial dose for 1-2 (5-10 mg), once a day. Elderly patients with hepatic insufficiency and recommend the use of low dose treatment. Most effective dose of 2 pieces (10 mg/day.

  【 storage 】 avoid light, sealing preservation.

  【 packing 】

  Lu: su packing. 7 per board, carton 1 plate;

  Lu: su packing. 7 per board, carton 2 plate;

  Lu: su packing. Each board 10 piece, carton 1 plate;

  Lu: su packing. Each board 10 piece, carton 2 plate;

  Lu: su packing. 12 per board, carton 1 plate;

  Lu: su packing. 12 per board piece, carton 2 plate.

  【 】 the validity

  24 months.

  [product efficacy and selling point]

  Health care for hypertension, chronic stable angina and variant angina

  This work is smooth, durable, half a recession for 35 to 50 hours


  The state food and drug administration standards YBH05192008


  H20080295 approved by the state


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